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Story board draft 1


Seed: PW5-0001                                               Researcher: No.24


Scene 1

(Plant perspective) See the lab through the spherical cultivation cover. The researcher is working.

In 2049, I, PW5-0001, was born in the underground plant cultivation laboratory in New Johannesburg. The curly-haired girl in front of me is my researcher. She is recording the data from us.


Scene 2

Scene conversion Transfer from lab to transportation hub

(Researcher perspective) New Johannesburg was built from the transformation of a gold mine with a high-tech roof. The mine is connected to the outside world, you can see the round sky, and some aircraft are flying outside. There are advertisements about PCWCP all around. Residential units are vertically distributed with a water monitoring system. The water, electricity, and heat of each residential unit are controlled by the AI system.

After the first day's experiment of Plant Cultivation and Water Conservation Project (PWCWP) 5.0, researcher no.24 is on her way home.


Scene 3

Scene conversion Enter the living unit

(Researcher perspective) Researcher no.24 enters the room. Her room has a AI control system and water reuse and monitoring system to calculate the remaining water of a day.

Researcher no.24 enters the room, prints her dinner with a 3D printer, and pours a glass of water. The amount of remaining water decrease, from 75% to 70%. The escalating water crisis needs PWCWP to succeed.


Scene 4

Days later

Scene conversion To the lab

(Plant perspective) In the plant cultivation lab, when an alarm sounds, researchers gather in front of the screen to see what's happened on the ground.

The experiment continues, I gradually grow in the cultivation cover, and the researcher no.24 come to record my situation every day. But recently the alarm has become more frequent, and there is an anxiety atmosphere around the lab.


Scene 5

Months later

(Plant perspective) In the plant cultivation lab, researchers gather to celebrate.

Their cheers tell me that our experiment is successful, and I can finally see the outside world through my own eyes.


Scene 6

Scene conversion  From underground city to air

(Researcher perspective) The entrance to the underground city is distributed in the ground that was originally a gold mine belt, surrounded by many scattered reservoirs and underground water intake devices. The land begins to crack in some places for lack of water. Scattered on the ground are the failed experiments of PWCWP 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, green but lifeless. There are no animals in the sight, only some dead insects. There are signs of flooding in the distance. Also, the ground is scattered with underground city vents and sensors, from which weather data can be transmitted to the underground monitoring system in real-time.

The researcher no.24 takes the 5.0-generation seeds that are successful in the experiment with her on the flight, and she sees the long-lost ground city...


Scene 7

Scene conversion  The flight landing

(Researcher perspective) Holding the seed in her hand, there are some cracks on the ground, and there are tall buildings in the distance with some green.

The researcher no.24 plants the seeds of successful experiments... She hopes that the PW5-0001 can withstand disasters and bring hope.


Scene 8

Weeks later

Scene conversion  In the soil

(Plant perspective) Darkness all around

I, PW5-0001, have been buried in the soil for a long time, and the memory of the underground city is about to disappear. What is the outside world like?


Scene 9

Scene conversion  Above the soil

(Plant perspective) Suddenly the soil on the top of the head loosens, there is light, and it breaks through. There are 4.0 plants in the surrounding greenhouse and some storage ponds in the distance.

The soil of my head loosens, I see my companions, and they break ground just like me. We greet the senior plants in the greenhouse, they are still very fragile bearing the temperature changes. They tell me that some of the distant reservoirs are planned to be demolished because the future water storage plan will be handed over to us.


Scene 10

Process of growing

Scene conversion  section of plants

(Plant perspective) Greenhouse, distant building, Researcher No. 24.

I sprout and my tuber is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s full of water.


Scene 11

Process of growing

(Plant perspective) The flood is coming and there is water everywhere.

I have experienced extreme weather several times while growing up. But this flood disaster is extremely violent, and I am almost thrown to the ground. I try hard to root down. I don’t want to let myself go back to the darkness.


Scene 12

Process of growing

(Plant perspective) Greenhouse, distant building, Researcher No. 24.

I grow up. And to resist the occasional extreme weather, my root system continues to extend downward, firmly anchors on the way, absorbing every drop of water. The longer and taller I am, the further I can see of the new landscape. Today, researcher No.24, who grows up with me comes to see me. She looks so small now.

10252 (3).jpg

Scene 13

(Researcher's perspective) With a huge plant tuber and dense foliage, a bird stopped on the leaf of PW5-0001.

The researcher comes to see PW5-0001, but she has never thought it could grow so strong. This test field is already green and alive. What even more surprising today is that a bird flies to PW5-0001. Does this mean that the animals will come back?


Scene 14

Half a year later

Scene conversion  In the air

(Researcher's perspective) There are a variety of different types of test fields, and the ground is green. The original CBD has also begun to be rebuilt into a new technology city for the memorial, research lab, and testing centers. The sensor system network is becoming more and more perfect. Occasionally small sheep are running in the farmland, birds flying in the sky.

Many experiments have been declared successful this year, occupying the ground. Now JOHANNESBURG is full of vitality, and this vitality has withstood the test of extreme weather. Animals also gradually return to this land. Hope is here: we can live underground, and we can finally live above.



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